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☁ ZenML Cloud

One of the most straightforward paths to start with a deployed ZenML server is to use ZenML Cloud. ZenML Cloud eliminates the need for you to dedicate time and resources to deploy and manage a ZenML server, allowing you to focus primarily on your MLOps workflows.

If you're interested in assessing ZenML Cloud, you can simply create a free account. Learn more about ZenML Cloud on the ZenML Website.

Key features

ZenML Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enhances the functionalities of the open-source ZenML product. It equips you with a centralized interface to seamlessly launch and manage ZenML server instances. While it remains rooted in the robust open-source offering, ZenML Cloud offers extra features designed to optimize your machine learning workflow.

Managed ZenML Server (Multi-tenancy)

ZenML Cloud simplifies your machine learning workflows, enabling you to deploy a managed instance of ZenML servers with just one click. This eradicates the need to handle infrastructure complexities, making the set-up and management of your machine learning pipelines a breeze. We handle all pertinent system updates and backups, thus ensuring your system stays current and robust, allowing you to zero in on your essential MLOps tasks. As a ZenML Cloud user, you'll also have priority support, giving you the necessary aid to fully utilize the platform.

Maximum data security

At ZenML Cloud, your data security and privacy are our top priority. The platform enables a secure connection to your infrastructure, tracking only metadata via an encrypted connection to maintain the confidentiality of your sensitive information. ZenML Cloud integrates smoothly with your cloud services via service connectors, allowing a straightforward connection with various cloud resources without sacrificing data security. We hold your confidential information in a secure and isolated environment, offering an extra degree of protection. If desired, you can even supply your own secret store.

Click here to understand about the ZenML Cloud system architecture.

Role-based access control and permissions

Utilizing ZenML Cloud provides you with early access to a robust control plane that unifies user management and optimizes your workflows. Efficiently manage access and permissions through centralized user administration. Create fine-grained permissions for resources such as stacks, pipelines, models, etc.

A brand-new, modern MLOps experience

We have built the ZenML Cloud from the ground-up. With ZenML Cloud, you get access to a new dashboard, with a better experience. The new dashboard features more functionality such as the Model Control Plane and Artifact Control Plane.

Triggers, CI/CD, Reports and more

Additionally, ZenML Cloud users get exclusive access to an array of cloud-specific features, such as triggering pipelines directly through the dashboard, integrating with your code repository CI/CD system, generating usage reports and more.

Learn more about ZenML Cloud on the ZenML Website.

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