Configuration hierarchy

When things can be configured on the pipeline and step level, the step configuration overrides the pipeline.

There are a few general rules when it comes to settings and configurations that are applied in multiple places. Generally the following is true:

  • Configurations in code override configurations made inside of the yaml file

  • Configurations at the step level override those made at the pipeline level

  • In case of attributes the dictionaries are merged

from zenml import pipeline, step
from zenml.config import ResourceSettings

def load_data(parameter: int) -> dict:

@step(settings={"resources": ResourceSettings(gpu_count=1, memory="2GB")})
def train_model(data: dict) -> None:

@pipeline(settings={"resources": ResourceSettings(cpu_count=2, memory="1GB")}) 
def simple_ml_pipeline(parameter: int):
# ZenMl merges the two configurations and uses the step configuration to override 
# values defined on the pipeline level

# -> cpu_count: 2, gpu_count=1, memory="2GB"

# -> cpu_count: 2, memory="1GB"

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