Access secrets in a step

Fetching secret values in a step

ZenML secrets are groupings of key-value pairs which are securely stored in the ZenML secrets store. Additionally, a secret always has a name that allows you to fetch or reference them in your pipelines and stacks. In order to learn more about how to configure and create secrets, please refer to the platform guide on secrets.

You can access secrets directly from within your steps through the ZenML Client API. This allows you to use your secrets for querying APIs from within your step without hard-coding your access keys:

from zenml import step
from zenml.client import Client

from somewhere import authenticate_to_some_api

def secret_loader() -> None:
    """Load the example secret from the server."""
    # Fetch the secret from ZenML.
    secret = Client().get_secret("<SECRET_NAME>")

    # `secret.secret_values` will contain a dictionary with all key-value
    # pairs within your secret.

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