Special Metadata Types

Tracking your metadata.

ZenML supports several special metadata types to capture specific kinds of information. Here are examples of how to use the special types Uri, Path, DType, and StorageSize:

from zenml.metadata.metadata_types import StorageSize, DType
from zenml import log_artifact_metadata

        "dataset_source": Uri("gs://my-bucket/datasets/source.csv"),
        "preprocessing_script": Path("/scripts/preprocess.py"),
        "column_types": {
            "age": DType("int"),
            "income": DType("float"),
            "score": DType("int")
        "processed_data_size": StorageSize(2500000)

In this example:

  • Uri is used to indicate a dataset source URI.

  • Path is used to specify the filesystem path to a preprocessing script.

  • DType is used to describe the data types of specific columns.

  • StorageSize is used to indicate the size of the processed data in bytes.

These special types help standardize the format of metadata and ensure that it is logged in a consistent and interpretable manner.

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