Set logging verbosity

How to set the logging verbosity in ZenML.

By default, ZenML sets the logging verbosity to INFO. If you wish to change this, you can do so by setting the following environment variable:


Choose from INFO, WARN, ERROR, CRITICAL, DEBUG. This will set the logs to whichever level you suggest.

Note that setting this on the client environment (e.g. your local machine which runs the pipeline) will not automatically set the same logging verbosity for remote pipeline runs. That means setting this variable locally with only effect pipelines that run locally.

If you wish to control for remote pipeline runs, you can set the ZENML_LOGGING_VERBOSITY environment variable in your pipeline runs environment as follows:

docker_settings = DockerSettings(environment={"ZENML_LOGGING_VERBOSITY": "DEBUG"})

# Either add it to the decorator
@pipeline(settings={"docker": docker_settings})
def my_pipeline() -> None:

# Or configure the pipelines options
my_pipeline = my_pipeline.with_options(
    settings={"docker": docker_settings}
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