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All possible ways for our community to get in touch with ZenML.

The ZenML team and community have put together a list of references that can be used to get in touch with the development team of ZenML and develop a deeper understanding of the framework.

Slack Channel: Get help from the community

The ZenML Slack channel is the main gathering point for the community. Not only is it the best place to get in touch with the core team of ZenML, but it is also a great way to discuss new ideas and share your ZenML projects with the community. If you have a question, there is a high chance someone else might have already answered it on Slack!

Social Media: Bite-sized updates

We are active on LinkedIn and Twitter where we post bite-sized updates on releases, events, and MLOps in general. Follow us to interact and stay up to date! We would appreciate it if you could comment on and share our posts so more people can benefit from our work at ZenML!

YouTube Channel: Video tutorials, workshops, and more

Our YouTube channel features a growing set of videos that take you through the entire framework. Go here if you are a visual learner, and follow along with some tutorials.

Public roadmap

The feedback from our community plays a significant role in the development of ZenML. That's why we have a public roadmap that serves as a bridge between our users and our development team. If you have ideas regarding any new features or want to prioritize one over the other, feel free to share your thoughts here or vote on existing ideas.


On our Blog page, you can find various articles written by our team. We use it as a platform to share our thoughts and explain the implementation process of our tool, its new features, and the thought process behind them.


We also have a Podcast series that brings you interviews and discussions with industry leaders, top technology professionals, and others. We discuss the latest developments in machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on MLOps, or how trained models are used in production.


You can also subscribe to our Newsletter where we share what we learn as we develop open-source tooling for production machine learning. You will also get all the exciting news about ZenML in general.

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