Using a custom step invocation ID

When calling a ZenML step as part of your pipeline, it gets assigned a unique invocation ID that you can use to reference this step invocation when defining the execution order of your pipeline steps or use it to fetch information about the invocation after the pipeline has finished running.

from zenml import pipeline, step

def my_step() -> None:

def example_pipeline():
    # When calling a step for the first time inside a pipeline,
    # the invocation ID will be equal to the step name -> `my_step`.
    # When calling the same step again, the suffix `_2`, `_3`, ... will
    # be appended to the step name to generate a unique invocation ID.
    # For this call, the invocation ID would be `my_step_2`.
    # If you want to use a custom invocation ID when calling a step, you can
    # do so by passing it like this. If you pass a custom ID, it needs to be
    # unique for all the step invocations that happen as part of this pipeline.

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