How to configure a pipeline with a YAML

Specify a configuration file

All configuration that can be specified in a YAML file can also be specified in code itself. However, it is best practice to use a YAML file to separate config from code.

You can use the with_options(config_path=<PATH_TO_CONFIG>) pattern to apply your configuration to a pipeline. Here is a minimal example of using a file based configuration yaml.

enable_cache: False

# Configure the pipeline parameters
  dataset_name: "best_dataset"  
  load_data:  # Use the step name here
    enable_cache: False  # same as @step(enable_cache=False)
from zenml import step, pipeline

def load_data(dataset_name: str) -> dict:

@pipeline  # This function combines steps together 
def simple_ml_pipeline(dataset_name: str):
if __name__=="__main__":

The above would run the simple_ml_pipeline with cache disabled for load_data and the parameter dataset_name set to best_dataset.

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