Upgrade the version of the ZenML server

Learn how to upgrade your server to a new version of ZenML for the different deployment options.

The way to upgrade your ZenML server depends a lot on how you deployed it.

To upgrade your ZenML server that was deployed with the zenml deploy command to a newer version, you can follow the steps below.

  • In the config file, set zenmlserver_image_tag to the version that you want your ZenML server to be running.

  • Run the deploy command again with this config file:

    zenml deploy --config=/PATH/TO/FILE

Any database schema updates are automatically handled by ZenML and unless mentioned otherwise, all of your data is migrated to the new version, intact.

Downgrading the server to an older version is not supported and can lead to unexpected behavior.

The version of the Python client that connects to the server should be kept at the same version as the server.

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