Migration guide 0.23.0 → 0.30.0

How to migrate from ZenML 0.20.0-0.23.0 to 0.30.0-0.39.1.

Migrating to 0.30.0 performs non-reversible database changes so downgrading to <=0.23.0 is not possible afterwards. If you are running on an older ZenML version, please follow the 0.20.0 Migration Guide first to prevent unexpected database migration failures.

The ZenML 0.30.0 release removed the ml-pipelines-sdk dependency in favor of natively storing pipeline runs and artifacts in the ZenML database. The corresponding database migration will happen automatically as soon as you run any zenml ... CLI command after installing the new ZenML version, e.g.:

pip install zenml==0.30.0
zenml version  # 0.30.0
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