Extending Stacks

How to leverage stacks

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The goal of this section is to showcase some critical advanced use-cases for ZenML stacks.

List of topics

  • Writing Custom Stack Component Flavors can be useful when trying to use ZenML with tooling or infrastructure for which no official integration exists yet.

  • Managing Stack Component States is required for certain integrations with remote components and can also be used to configure custom setup behavior of custom stack component flavors.

  • Managing External Services might be required for deploying custom models or for the UI's of some visualization tools like TensorBoard. These services are usually long-lived external processes that persist beyond the execution of your pipeline runs.

We will keep adding more use-cases to the advanced guide of ZenML stacks. If there is a particular topic you can not find here or any use-case that you would like learn more about, you can reach us in our Slack Channel.

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