Deployments with Terraform

Deploy stack recipes without having to install ZenML

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As mentioned in the overview, you can still use the recipe without having using the zenml stack recipe CLI commands or even without installing ZenML. Since each recipe is a group of Terraform modules, you can simply use the Terraform CLI to perform apply and destroy operations.

Create the stack

  1. 🎨 Customize your deployment by editing the default values in the file.

  2. 🔐 Add your secret information like keys and passwords into the values.tfvars.json file which is not committed and only exists locally.

  3. Initialize Terraform modules and download provider definitions.

    terraform init
  4. Apply the recipe.

    terraform apply

Getting the outputs

For outputs that are sensitive, you'll see that they are not shown directly on the logs. To view the full list of outputs, run the following command:

terraform output

To view individual sensitive outputs, use the following format. Here, the metadata password is being obtained.

terraform output metadata-db-password

Deleting resources

  1. 🗑️ Run the destroy function to clean up all resources.

    terraform destroy

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