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Default Container Registry

How to store container images
This is an older version of the ZenML documentation. To read and view the latest version please visit this up-to-date URL.
The Default container registry is a container registry flavor which comes built-in with ZenML and allows container registry URIs of any format.

When to use it

You should use the Default container registry if you want to use a local container registry or when using a remote container registry that is not covered by other container registry flavors.

Local registry URI format

To specify a URI for a local container registry, use the following format:
# Examples:

How to use it

To use the Default container registry, we need:
  • Docker installed and running.
  • The registry URI. If you're using a local container registry, check out the previous section on the URI format.
We can then register the container registry and use it in our active stack:
zenml container-registry register <NAME> \
--flavor=default \
# Add the container registry to the active stack
zenml stack update -c <NAME>
For more information and a full list of configurable attributes of the Default container registry, check out the API Docs.