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Export/Import Stacks

How to export and import stacks to YAML files
This is an older version of the ZenML documentation. To read and view the latest version please visit this up-to-date URL.

Export and Import ZenML Stacks

If you wish to transfer one of your stacks to another profile or even another machine, you can do so by exporting the stack configuration and then importing it again.
To export a stack to YAML, run the following command:
zenml stack export STACK_NAME FILENAME.yaml
This will create a FILENAME.yaml containing the config of your stack and all of its components, which you can then import again like this:
zenml stack import STACK_NAME FILENAME.yaml

Known Limitations

The exported Stack is only a configuration. It may have local dependencies that are not exported and thus will not be available when importing the Stack on another machine:
  • the secrets stored in the local Secrets Managers
  • any references to local files and local services not accessible from outside the machine where the Stack is exported, such as the local Artifact Store and Metadata Store