Develop a Custom Container Registry

How to develop a custom container registry

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Base Abstraction

In the current version of ZenML, container registries have a rather basic base abstraction. In essence, each container registry features a uri as an instance configuration and a non-abstract prepare_image_push method for validation.

from typing import ClassVar

from zenml.enums import StackComponentType
from zenml.stack import StackComponent
from zenml.utils import docker_utils

class BaseContainerRegistry(StackComponent):
    """Base class for all ZenML container registries."""
    # Instance configuration
    uri: str

    # Class variables
    TYPE: ClassVar[StackComponentType] = StackComponentType.CONTAINER_REGISTRY

    def prepare_image_push(self, image_name: str) -> None:
        """Conduct necessary checks/preparations before an image gets pushed."""

    def push_image(self, image_name: str) -> None:
        """Pushes a docker image."""
        if not image_name.startswith(self.uri):
            raise ValueError(
                f"Docker image `{image_name}` does not belong to container "
                f"registry `{self.uri}`."


This is a slimmed-down version of the base implementation which aims to highlight the abstraction layer. In order to see the full implementation and get the complete docstrings, please check the API docs.

Building your own container registry

If you want to create your own custom flavor for a container registry, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Create a class which inherits from the BaseContainerRegistry.

  2. Define the FLAVOR class variable.

  3. If you need to execute any checks/validation before the image gets pushed, you can define these operations in the prepare_image_push method. As an example, you can check the AWSContainerRegistry.

  4. Once the prepare_image_push gets completed, the push_image method will come into play and utilize a DockerClient object to push the image.

Once you are done with the implementation, you can register it through the CLI as:

zenml container-registry flavor register <THE-SOURCE-PATH-OF-YOUR-REGISTRY>

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