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Are you an ML engineer or data scientist shipping models to production and jumbling a plethora of tools? Do you struggle with versioning data, code, and models in your projects? Have you had trouble replicating production pipelines and monitoring models in production?

If you answered yes to any, ZenML is here to help with all that, and more.

ZenML is an extensible, open-source MLOps framework for creating portable, production-ready MLOps pipelines. It's built for data scientists, ML Engineers, and MLOps Developers to collaborate as they develop to production. ZenML has simple, flexible syntax, is cloud- and tool-agnostic, and has interfaces/abstractions that are catered towards ML workflows. ZenML brings together all your favorite tools in one place so you can tailor your workflow to cater your needs.

Why ZenML

Everyone loves to train ML models, but few talks about shipping them into production, and even fewer can do it well. It's no wonder that 85% of ML models fail and 53% don't make it into production, according to a Gartner survey.

At ZenML, we believe the journey from model development to production doesn't need to be long and meandering.

With ZenML, you as a data scientist can concentrate on what you do best - developing ML models, and not worry about infrastructure or deployment tools. If you come from unstructured notebooks or scripts with lots of manual processes, ZenML will make the path to production easier and faster for you and your team. Using ZenML allows data scientists like you to own the entire pipeline - from experimentation to production.

This is why we built ZenML.

Eager to get started? We recommend the following to start using ZenML right away!

Pipelining - Take Your First ZenML Steps

New to ZenML? Get acquainted with the core concepts first to understand what makes ZenML so special. Next, jump right into developer guide to go from zero to hero in no time.

Stacking - Connect Your Favorite Tools

Already ran your first pipeline and want to know about integrations and production use cases? Check out ZenML integrations. You'll find detailed descriptions of specific use cases and features. Learn how to take your MLOps stack from basic to fully-fledged.

Extending - Make It Your Own

ZenML doesn't support your favorite tool? Worry not! ZenML is built from the ground up with extensibility in mind. Find out how to integrate other tools or proprietary on-prem solutions for you and your team in Stack Components.

Collaborating - Work Together With Your Team

Share not only your code but also your ZenML stacks with your team. Find out how in collaboration.

Resources - Learn ZenML with Tutorials, Examples, and Guides

The ZenML team and community have put together resources to learn about the framework. Learn more in resources.

Community - Be Part of the ZenML Family

Can't really find what you want and need help? Join our Slack group. Ask questions about bugs or specific use cases and get a quick response from the ZenML core team.

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