Module core.repo.repo

Base ZenML repository


Repository(path: str = None) : ZenML repository definition. This is a Singleton class.

Every ZenML project exists inside a ZenML repository.

Construct reference a ZenML repository

    path (str): Path to root of repository

### Static methods

`get_instance(path: str = None)`
:   Static method to fetch the current instance.

`get_zenml_dir(path: str)`
:   Recursive function to find the zenml config starting from path.
        path (str): starting path

`init_repo(*args, **kwargs)`

### Methods

:   Launch the compare app for all pipelines in repo

`get_datasource_by_name(self, name: str)`
:   Get all datasources in this repo.
    Returns: list of datasources used in this repo

`get_datasource_names(self) ‑> List`
:   Get all datasources in this repo.
    Returns: List of datasource names used in this repo.

`get_datasources(*args, **kwargs)`

`get_default_artifact_store(self) ‑> Union[zenml.core.repo.artifact_store.ArtifactStore, NoneType]`


`get_default_pipelines_dir(self) ‑> str`

`get_git_wrapper(self) ‑> zenml.core.repo.git_wrapper.GitWrapper`

`get_pipeline_by_name(self, pipeline_name: str = None)`
:   Loads a pipeline just by its name.
        pipeline_name (str): Name of pipeline.

`get_pipeline_file_paths(self, only_file_names: bool = False) ‑> Union[List[str], NoneType]`
:   Gets list of pipeline file path

`get_pipeline_names(self) ‑> Union[List[str], NoneType]`
:   Gets list of pipeline (unique) names

`get_pipelines(*args, **kwargs)`

`get_pipelines_by_datasource(self, datasource)`
:   Gets list of pipelines associated with datasource.
        datasource (BaseDatasource): object of type BaseDatasource.

`get_pipelines_by_type(self, type_filter: List[str]) ‑> List`
:   Gets list of pipelines filtered by type.
        type_filter (list): list of types to filter by.

`get_step_by_version(*args, **kwargs)`

`get_step_versions(*args, **kwargs)`

`get_step_versions_by_type(self, step_type: Union[Type, str])`
:   List all registered steps in repository by step_type.
        step_type: either a string specifying full path to the step or a
        class path.

`load_pipeline_config(self, file_name: str) ‑> Dict[str, Any]`
:   Loads a ZenML config from YAML.
        file_name (str): file name of pipeline

`register_pipeline(*args, **kwargs)`