Module core.datasources.csv_datasource

CSv Datasource definition


CSVDatasource(name: str, path: str, schema: Dict = None, **unused_kwargs) : ZenML CSV datasource definition.

Use this for CSV training pipelines.

Create a CSV datasource. Creating this datasource creates a Beam
pipeline that converts the CSV file into TFRecords for pipelines to

The path can be a local path or a Google Cloud Storage bucket
path for now (S3, Azure coming soon). The path defines the datasource,
meaning a change in it (including file name) should be dealt with by
creating another datasource.

    name (str): name of datasource.
    path (str): path to csv file.
    schema (str): optional schema for data to conform to.

### Ancestors (in MRO)

* zenml.core.datasources.base_datasource.BaseDatasource

### Class variables

:   CSV data step to load local tabular data from disk or a remote cloud
    storage bucket.