Module core.components.sequencer.component


Sequencer(source: str, source_args: Dict[str, Any], input_examples:, statistics: = None, schema: = None) : Base class for a TFX pipeline component.

An instance of a subclass of BaseComponent represents the parameters for a
single execution of that TFX pipeline component.

All subclasses of BaseComponent must override the SPEC_CLASS field with the
ComponentSpec subclass that defines the interface of this component.

  SPEC_CLASS: a subclass of types.ComponentSpec used by this component
    (required). This is a class level value.
  EXECUTOR_SPEC: an instance of executor_spec.ExecutorSpec which describes how
    to execute this component (required). This is a class level value.
  DRIVER_CLASS: a subclass of base_driver.BaseDriver as a custom driver for
    this component (optional, defaults to base_driver.BaseDriver). This is a
    class level value.
  spec: an instance of `SPEC_CLASS`. See types.ComponentSpec for more details.
  platform_config: a protobuf message representing platform config for a
    component instance.

Initialize a component.

  spec: types.ComponentSpec object for this component instance.
  custom_executor_spec: Optional custom executor spec overriding the default
    executor specified in the component attribute.
  instance_name: Deprecated. Please set `id` directly using `with_id()`
    function or `.id` setter in the `BaseNode` class. The pipeline
    assembling will fail if there are two nodes in the pipeline with the
    same id.

### Ancestors (in MRO)

* tfx.dsl.components.base.base_component.BaseComponent
* tfx.dsl.components.base.base_node.BaseNode
* tfx.utils.json_utils.Jsonable

### Class variables


:   Sequencer component spec.

SequencerComponentSpec(**kwargs) : Sequencer component spec.

Initialize a ComponentSpec.

  **kwargs: Any inputs, outputs and execution parameters for this instance
    of the component spec.

### Ancestors (in MRO)

* tfx.types.component_spec.ComponentSpec
* tfx.utils.json_utils.Jsonable

### Class variables