Artifact Store

Closely related to the Metadata Store is the Artifact Store. It will store all intermediary pipeline step results, a binary representation of your source data as well as the trained model.

You have the following options to configure the Artifact Store:

  • Local (Default)

  • Remote (Google Cloud Storage)

    • Soon: S3 compatible backends

Local (Default)

By default, ZenML will use the .zenml directory created when you run zenml init at the very beginning. All artifacts and inputs will be persisted there.

Using the default Artifact Store can be a limitation to the integrations you might want to use. Please check the documentation of the individual integrations to make sure they are compatible.

Remote (GCS/S3)

Many experiments and many ZenML integrations require a remote Artifact Store to reliable retrieve and persist pipeline step artifacts. Especially dynamic scenarios with heterogenous environments will be only possible when using a remote Artifact Store.

Configuring a remote Artifact Store for ZenML is a one-liner using the CLI:

zenml config artifacts set gs://your-bucket/sub/dir