Module core.steps.preprocesser.base_preprocesser


BasePreprocesserStep(**kwargs) : Base class for all preprocessing steps. These steps are used to specify transformation and filling operations on data that occur before the machine learning model is trained.

Base preprocessing step constructor. Custom preprocessing steps need
to override the `preprocessing_fn` class method.

    **kwargs: Additional keyword arguments.

### Ancestors (in MRO)

* zenml.core.steps.base_step.BaseStep

### Class variables


### Methods


`preprocessing_fn(self, inputs: Dict)`
:   Function used in the Transform component. Override this to do custom
    preprocessing logic.
        inputs (dict): Inputs where keys are feature names and values are
        tensors which represent the values of the features.
        outputs (dict): Inputs where keys are transformed feature names
         and values are tensors with the transformed values of the