Module core.steps.base_step

Base Step Interface definition


BaseStep(**kwargs) : Base class for all ZenML steps.

These are 'windows' into the base components for simpler overrides.

Base data step constructor.

    **kwargs: Keyword arguments used in the construction of a step
    from a configuration file.

### Class variables


### Static methods

`from_config(config_block: Dict)`
:   Takes config block that represents a Step and converts it back into
    its Python equivalent. This functionality is similar for most steps,
    and expected config_block may look like
        'source': this.module.StepClass@sha  # where sha is optional
        'args': {}  # to be passed to the constructor
        config_block: config block representing source and args of step.

### Methods

`to_config(self) ‑> Dict`
:   Converts from step back to config. This functionality for most steps
    yields the following config block.
        'source': this.file.path.BaseStep@sha  # where sha is optional
        'args': {}  # whatever is used in the constructor for BaseStep