Module core.repo.zenml_config

Functions to handle ZenML config


ZenMLConfig(repo_path: str) : ZenML config class to handle config operations.

This is an internal class and should not be used by the user.

Construct class instance for ZenML Config.

    repo_path (str): path to root of repository.

### Static methods

`create_config(path: str, artifact_store_path: str = None, metadata_store: Union[Type[zenml.core.metadata.metadata_wrapper.ZenMLMetadataStore], NoneType] = None, pipelines_dir: str = None)`
:   Creates a default .zenml config at path/zenml/.zenml_config.
        path (str): path to a directory.
        metadata_store: metadata store definition.
        artifact_store_path (str): path where to store artifacts.
        pipelines_dir (str): path where to store pipeline configs.

`is_zenml_dir(path: str)`
:   Check if dir is a zenml dir or not.
        path (str): path to the root.

### Methods

`get_artifact_store(self) ‑> zenml.core.repo.artifact_store.ArtifactStore`
:   Get artifact store from config

`get_metadata_store(self) ‑> zenml.core.metadata.metadata_wrapper.ZenMLMetadataStore`
:   Get metadata store from config.

`get_pipelines_dir(self) ‑> str`
:   Get absolute path of pipelines dir from config

`load_config(self, config_path: Dict)`
:   Sets metadata and artifact_store variables
        config_path (str): Path to a .zenml config.


`set_artifact_store(self, artifact_store_path: str)`
:   Updates artifact store to point to path.
        artifact_store_path: new path to artifact store

`set_metadata_store(self, metadata_store: zenml.core.metadata.metadata_wrapper.ZenMLMetadataStore)`
:   Updates artifact store to point to path.
        metadata_store: metadata store

`set_pipelines_dir(self, pipelines_dir: str)`
:   Updates artifact store to point to path.
        pipelines_dir: new path to pipelines dir