Module core.datasources.base_datasource

Base Class for all ZenML datasources


BaseDatasource(name: str, schema: Dict = None, *args, **kwargs) : Base class for all ZenML datasources.

Every ZenML datasource should override this class.

Construct the datasource

    name (str): name of datasource
    schema (dict): schema of datasource
    _id: unique ID (for internal use)

### Class variables



### Static methods

`from_config(config: Dict)`
:   Convert from Data Step config to ZenML Datasource object.
    Data step is also populated and configuration set to parameters set
    in the config file.
        config: a DataStep config in dict-form (probably loaded from YAML).

`get_name_from_pipeline_name(pipeline_name: str)`

### Methods


:   Gets total number of datapoints in datasource


`sample_data(self, sample_size: int = 100000)`
:   Sampels data from datasource as a pandas DataFrame.
        sample_size: # of rows to sample.

:   Converts datasource to ZenML config block.

:   View schema of data flowing in pipeline.

:   View statistics of data flowing in pipeline.