Module core.components.sequencer.executor


Executor(context: Union[tfx.dsl.components.base.base_executor.BaseExecutor.Context, NoneType] = None) : Abstract TFX executor class.

Constructs a beam based executor.

### Ancestors (in MRO)

* tfx.dsl.components.base.base_executor.BaseExecutor

### Methods

`Do(self, input_dict: Dict[str, List[tfx.types.artifact.Artifact]], output_dict: Dict[str, List[tfx.types.artifact.Artifact]], exec_properties: Dict[str, Any]) ‑> NoneType`
:   Main execution logic for the Sequencer component
    :param input_dict: input channels
    :param output_dict: output channels
    :param exec_properties: the execution properties defined in the spec

RemoveKey(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs) : A function object used by a transform with custom processing.

The ParDo transform is such a transform. The ParDo.apply
method will take an object of type DoFn and apply it to all elements of a
PCollection object.

In order to have concrete DoFn objects one has to subclass from DoFn and
define the desired behavior (start_bundle/finish_bundle and process) or wrap a
callable object using the CallableWrapperDoFn class.

### Ancestors (in MRO)

* apache_beam.transforms.core.DoFn
* apache_beam.typehints.decorators.WithTypeHints
* apache_beam.transforms.display.HasDisplayData
* apache_beam.utils.urns.RunnerApiFn

### Methods

`process(self, element)`
:   Remove the key from the output of the CombineFn and return the
    resulting datapoints