Module core.backends.orchestrator.base.zenml_local_orchestrator


ZenMLLocalDagRunner(config: Union[tfx.orchestration.config.pipeline_config.PipelineConfig, NoneType] = None) : This is the almost the same as the super class from tfx: tfx.orchestration.base.local_dag_runner.LocalDagRunner with the exception being that the pipeline_run is not overridden. Full credit to Google LLC for the original source code found at:

Initializes local TFX orchestrator.

  config: Optional pipeline config for customizing the launching of each
    component. Defaults to pipeline config that supports
    InProcessComponentLauncher and DockerComponentLauncher.

### Ancestors (in MRO)

* tfx.orchestration.local.local_dag_runner.LocalDagRunner
* tfx.orchestration.tfx_runner.TfxRunner

### Methods

`run(self, tfx_pipeline: tfx.orchestration.pipeline.Pipeline) ‑> NoneType`
:   Runs given logical pipeline locally.
      tfx_pipeline: Logical pipeline containing pipeline args and components.