ZenML Links
ZenML has learning paths for users from all backgrounds.
The ZenML team and community have put together a list of learning resources that can be used to develop a deeper understanding of the framework.

ZenML Examples: See how all the integrations work

ZenML has a deep focus on integrations, and navigating the landscape of tools that ZenML supports out-of-the-box can be daunting. The examples on GitHub are the best way to see each integration in action. Go here if you like to learn through tutorials, or are interested in particular integrations.

ZenBytes: Learn MLOps with ZenML

ZenBytes is a series of short practical MLOps lessons through ZenML and its various integrations. It is intended for people looking to learn about MLOps generally, and also for ML practitioners who want to get started with ZenML.
After you've run and understood the simple example above, your next port of call is probably either the fully-fleshed-out quickstart example and then to look at the ZenBytes repository and notebooks.

ZenFiles: See ZenML in practice

ZenFiles are production-grade ML use-cases powered by ZenML. They are fully fleshed out, end-to-end, projects that showcase ZenML's capabilities. They can also serve as a template from which to start similar projects.
The ZenFiles project is fully maintained and can be viewed as a sister repository of ZenML.

YouTube Channel: Video tutorials

The ZenML YouTube Channel features a growing set of videos that take you through the entire framework. Go here if you are a visual learner, and follow along some of the tutorials.

Slack Channel: Get help from the community

The ZenML Slack Channel is the main gathering point for the community. Not only is it the best place to get in touch with the core team of ZenML, it is also a great way to discuss new ideas and share your own ZenML projects with the community. If you have a question, there is a high chance someone else might have already answered it on Slack!