Experiment Trackers
Tracking your ML experiments.
Experiment trackers let you track your ML experiments by logging the parameters and allowing you to compare between runs. In the ZenML world, every pipeline run is considered an experiment, and ZenML facilitates the storage of experiment results through ExperimentTracker stack components. This establishes a clear link between pipeline runs and experiments.
Base abstraction in progress!
We are actively working on the base abstraction for the experiment trackers, which will be available soon. As a result, their extension is not possible at the moment. If you would like to use an experiment tracker in your stack, please check the list of already-implemented experiment trackers down below.

List of available experiment trackers

In its current version, ZenML comes with two integrations which feature experiment trackers as stack components, namely the MLFlowExperimentTracker and the WandbExperimentTracker. In order to get more information about these experiment trackers, please visit the API docs linked down below.
If you would like to see the available flavors for experiment trackers, you can use the command:
zenml experiment-tracker flavor list
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