Access Global Info within Steps
How to access run names and other global data from within a step
In addition to Step Fixtures, ZenML provides another interface where ZenML data can be accessed from within a step, the Environment, which can be used to get further information about the environment where the step is executed, such as the system it is running on, the Python version, the name of the current step, pipeline, and run, and more.
As an example, this is how you could use the Environment to find out the name of the current step, pipeline, and run:
from zenml.environment import Environment
def my_step(...)
env = Environment().step_environment
step_name = env.step_name
pipeline_name = env.pipeline_name
run_id = env.pipeline_run_id
To explore all possible operations that can be performed via the Environment, please consult the API docs section on Environment.
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